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Blackrock in 1893

The Summary of Blackrock from 1893. We also have the Town Commissioners listed for the Blackrock Ward, Monkstown Ward and Booterstown Ward.

Some entries have aside from their profession are also listed as ‘car owner’. Post boxes and collection times are listed too.

Anglesea Avenue and Avoca Avenue

Which Reads
BLACKROCK (Township). BLACKROCK, a maritime town, in Monkstown and Booterstown parishes, partly in Dublin barony, but chiefly in that of Rathdown, county of Dublin, five miles S.E. from the General Post Office, Dublin, comprising an area of 110 acres. Population in 1881, 8,975. It is pleasantly situated on the south shore of Dublin bay, and on the great thoroughfare by railway and road to Kingstown and Bray, and consists of one main and several minor streets and avenues. Its buildings are the Town Hall, Protestant Episcopal Chapel, Methodist Chapel, Roman Catholic Chapel, Dominican Convent, and Carmelite Nunnery. There is a bzanch of the Rathdown Dispensary, a Police Station, and National Schools. Commodious Baths have been erected by a Company, and the con-venience afforded by locomotive conveyance, every half hour, renders it a place of great resort to all classes chiefly for sea bathing. The Towns Improvement Act has been adopted, the district embracing Blackrock, Monkstown, Williamstown, Booterstown, &c. The area of the township is 1,078 statute acres ; the rateable valuation of property for taxation being £47,783. The population in 1891 was 8,380. Tramcars arrive from and start to Dublin every 15 minutes. There is a Postal Telegraph at the Post Office, 24 Main-st.
BLACEROCK WARD. Colclough, J. E. esq. i.e Goodbody, J. esq. Hazley, John, esq. M’Cormick, S. S. esq. J.P. Magrath, Thomas, esq. Maple, F. esq. J.P. Mitchell, W. M. esq. R.rt.A. Wilkinson, W. J. esq. P.L.G. Wright, William, esq.
MONKSTOWN WARD. Betham, Cecil W. esq. P.L.G. Browne, Colonel D. E. D.L. J.P. Crowe, M. F. esq. J.P. Drew, Thomas, esq. R.H.A. Hartigan, W. II. esq. B L. ICough, Ed. H. B. esq.( Vice- Chairman) Pim, Greenwood, esq. Sweeny, James, esq. Wigham, John R. esq. i.e. (Chairman)
Canning, James, esq. Glennon, Joseph, esq. Kelly, E. M. esq. barrister Marchbank, R. esq. Robinson, J. J. esq. (Dep. Vice-CIO Spain, W. If. esq.
Secretary and Executive Sanitary Officer, Robert Finlay Heron, esq. M.A.—Surveyor, J. T. Kough, esq., m.t c.E Law Agent, 3. M. Williamson, esq. — Rate Collector, J. W. Campbell. Consulting Sanitary Officer, G. C. Armstrong, esq. M.D.—Medical Officer of Health, Joseph W. Boyce, esq. Sub- Sanitary Officer—John Guy. Dublin, Wicklow, and Wexford Railway Station—Thomas Kavanagh, station master.
Anglesea-avenue. Off Carysfort-avenue. 1 Dolan, Patrick, 2 Dowling, Mr. James, 3 Cottle, Mrs. 4 Campbell, Miss, 5 Vacant, 6 Vacant, 171. 7 Yorke, Miss, 8 Morgan, H. M. solicitor, 9 Jackson, II. 3. W. esq. 10 Vacant, 11 Grundy, Mr. C. 12 Heath, Mr. James, 18/. 221. 21/. 201. 221. 10s. 22/. 22/. 23/. 2 v. 171. 241. Avoca-avenue. Boxer, Alex. F. R.N. Inspector of Irish Lighthouses, St. Leonard’s, 721. Clarke, John, solicitor, Ileadford cottage, 26/. Cleburne, Mrs., Mellville, 37/. Cleburne, J. C.E. Melville Deverell, Mrs. St. Helens 37l. Draper, Mrs. Eleanor, Nahant, 451. Droug/it, lien. Albert Mathew,retired Indian captain R.N. 451. Elvery, Mrs. Grenagh 381. Franks, John Hamilton, esq. secre-tary Irish Land Com. Dalriada—office, 26 Up. Merrion-street, 61l. Hanlon, George, esq. Nabant Jones, R. E. Follett, MA. T.C.D. Rose Mount, 361. Murphy, J as. es q. Altadore, 441. Murphy, John, seq. Avondale Nicholl, Thos. J. esq.—Ovoca lodge, 45/. Patterson, Geo. esq. Greenwood, t48/. Pollock, James F. M.A. M.D. T.C.D. F.R Q.C.P.I. Ovoca house 581 Salmon, Wm. esq. The cottage, Treffry, Henry W. esq. Lonsdale Watson, Lancelot Geo. esq., sec. City of Dublin Steam Packet Co. Newstead, 55/.