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Loughlinstown (includes Shanganagh and Shankill) in 1893

The short entry for Loughlinstown.
Aside from the residence of Henry Watss, esq, Q.C. Loghlinstown also had the Rathdown Union Workhouse. Shanganagh and Shankill are covered also.

Which reads…
LOUGHLINSTOWN—See also BALLYBRACIC. LOUGHLINSTOWN, a small village, partly in Killiney and Rathmicbael parishes, Rathdown barony, Dublin county, 81 miles S.S.E. from Dublin, containing a few straggling houses and cabins, to the left of which is Loughlinstown House, the residence of Henry West, esq. Q.c. On crossing Loughlinstown green, to the right, on the brow of the hill, stands the Rathdown Union Workhouse, very prettily and most salubriously situated on a site of eight acres, erected in 1811 at an expense of £6,000. The village of Loughlinstown forms part of the Township of Killiney and Ballybrack.
Domvill, Major, 1.P. Loughlinstown house Geale, Edward, esq. Beech grove, Gil. SUB- POST OFFICE—Patrick Gorman, sub-postmaster Reilly, Michael, grocer
Shanganagh. i’ureraeiaderof Shanganagh, see Bray, Byrne, James, Shanganagh hotel Caldbeck, William E. esq. Eaton Brae Cullen, Miss, Millhouse Cunningham, Mr. P. De Montmorency, lion. Francis R. Wilrnont Hemphill, Charles, esq. Q. C. Clifton lodge Humphries, Mrs. Mona Joyce, Thomas, esq. Lisearton Kelly, John, egg. Clarebeg Lawless, Mr. L. J. Abingdon
Lawson, Mrs. Clontra Lefroy, Captain, Aubrey M`Call, John. esq. Donley court M’Cormick, Mrs. Florence ville M’Donnell, William D. esq. A.M. barrister, Barnclose house Middleton, A. H. esq. Athgoe park Murdoch, Robert, esq. Shanganagh park, 1571. 10s. O’Byrne, VT. Los-can, esq. Home #attison, Henry, esq. Druid lodge, and Baureigh, Mountrath, 521. Robinson, Mrs. Llanmaur house Reeves, Miss, Barnclose house B. I. C. Police Station — Constable Thomas Kennedy in charge Scott, Colonel ‘Topton, Locksley Simmonds, Miss, Cromlech Sullivan, Captain, It. a. Pare-na-silla Towson, Mr. John, Hacketsland
For remainder of Shankiii, see Bray. Burton, Miss, The Glebe, 151.
Byrne, John T. esq. Ckerrywood, 108/. Carr, Mrs. Cath. farmer, Woodford DeBurgh, Alfred, esq. Gort-na-naen Dix, Theory T. esq. Ferndale, 301. 15s. Grehan, Mr. Thomas, Mullinastill Hatfield, Thomas, esq. Sylvanmount Houghton, John T. esq. Ballybride Joyce, T. esq. Lisearton Meredith, Frederick W. esq. Rath.. michael lodge, 371. Middleton, A. Ii. esq. The Cottage Middleton, Thomas, B. esq. Maryland Murray, Jno. esq. Sha.nkill house, 901. Orpen, John, esq. Emerald, 371. O’Shea, E. A. esq. Glenwood 521. 5e. Quain, Richard, esq. Lordello Reeves, Richard, esq. Rosendael Riall, Capt. R.N. Chantilly, 1181. 10s. Rowan-Hamilton, Mrs. Catherine, Shanganagh castle Searight, G. E. esq. Springfield, 48/. les Shankill castle—vacant